Client: Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre

Type: Entertainment, Arts, E-Commerce

Site: Visit Website

WMT presents approximately two productions each year. Their productions range from dramas and comedies to musicals and operas, both classics and contemporary plays from the theatrical literature of the world, and new plays sometimes on Mennonite stories or themes by local writers.


In order to complete in the competitive industry of performing arts, Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre needed to create an online presence and start selling tickets online. With constantly changing demographics, selling tickets by phone was losing its effectiveness. The company also relies in large part on donations to run its business, and donating online became important as well.


As the purpose of the company is to attract new audiences, the website needed to be flashy and eye-catching so that its purpose could be immediately obvious. The cornerstone of the website is the advertisement of musicals and plays which needed to stand out. Ability to donate and search for volunteers needed to be prominent as well. Finally, as many of the company's members were elderly people, the checkout process had to be as simple and as short as possible.


As Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre is run by volunteers and is a not-for-profit company, there is little budget to go around, so the work was completed pro bono. The outcome is a beautiful website which has content that is covered by stage curtains, so looking at the site makes you feel like you're watching a show on stage. The home page features flashy banner that advertises the upcoming play and an ability to subscribe to newsletters and make donations. The website is lovely in its design and wonderful in its simplicity of use.