Client: Seun & Vadim Kononov

Type: Entertainment, Identity

Site: Visit Website

Seun & Vadim decided to tie the knot and get married. With only a few months left before the wedding, they needed to book a venue, hire a photographer, send out invitations and do many other things, including having some way for invitees to indicate whether they would be present at the wedding.


In the past, RSVPs would be sent out by mail and replied to by phone or mail, which, of course, had its charm and wistful memories. Most RSVPs today are done online - it's simpler, more efficient and allows for instant communication, not to mention the ability for instant analytics.


Seun and Vadim did not want to proceed with a myriad of ready-made online options to handle the RSVPs and decided to add a touch of personalization to their wedding by creating a custom website, which would continue to last long after their wedding. It was supposed to simple - just a few pages containing the information about the wedding and the ability to RSVP as well as some pictures and a little information about the couple for those less familiar with the two.


Vadim had proposed to Seun on a mountain top, and an unsuspecting bystander happened to capture a shot of the amazing scenery. This picture, being very special for the couple made its way to the home. The couple wanted to include a program and a personal story that they had written. The result was a beautiful fully-responsive website that caught the eyes of many visitors, had many repeated visitors, and the couple received numerous compliments on its design.