Client: Riesen Travel LTD

Type: Travel

Site: Visit Website

Riesen Travel is a small Canadian Winnipeg based family business that has operated for over two decades. Started off by two travel lovers, the company is built around people who love well-organized adventure-rich tours at the world-class level without having to pay a huge amount of money.


As Riesen Travel passed from father to daughter, the vision for the company remained the same, however, in order to keep with current technological demands, the company decided to build a website to be able to more easily share travel information with interested travellers.


The idea was the website was simple - create a platform where the company could direct parties that had previously expressed interest in travel to view upcoming tour information. Riesen Travel also needed the ability to collect travel deposits using credit cards, as many people love acquiring travel points. The website also needed to contain information about previous tours, as there may be interest in repeated trips to the same destination.


The result is a gorgeous colourful inspiring website that is filled with information about various destinations around the world. The website is fast, easy on the eye and looks fantastic on mobile devices, from where potential are more likely to access it. The site also features payment integration through Stripe, which allows the company to easily collect travel deposits and issue refunds when necessary.