Client: Dandy & Dainty

Type: E-Commerce, Fashion

Site: Visit Website

Elegant wooden sunglasses beautifully handcrafted into brilliant designs, designed to look stylish and sexy on both men and women.


Dandy & Dainty is an up-and-coming company with a large vision to create beautiful sunglasses made out of bamboo that will last for a long time and look great on any gender. With a small budget and big dreams, Dandy & Dainty requisitioned a website that will allow sales of glasses all over the world.


The client was already selling glasses on other platforms, but needed a website that would showcase all of their products and facilitate sales. The home page needed to depict the look and feel of glasses on an actual person with catchy headings that encourage people to explore the website. The website needed to support a variety of shipping plans and frequent changes to content.


The new website shines and pops and is good at attracting attention. The client has already sold hundreds of glasses, and the sales are going well. The checkout process and easy and intuitive. The client is able to easily add new products, update available quantities and fine tune SEO requirements for each page and each new product.