Client: Computer Marvel

Type: Information Technology

Site: Visit Website

Computer Marvel is a Winnipeg-based company that specializes in affordable computer repairs, optimizations, cleaning and virus removals, home network setups and other computer maintenance services.


Computer Marvel is a unique company in the sense that the approach computer support work differently than others - they don't pour their money into an expensive office that comes with rent and utilities. Instead, they operate online only and work out of their own offices, which means that online presence is everything to them.


From the get-go, the website was supposed to be informational only - outline all the services that the company offers, prominently feature their satisfaction guarantee and ensure that the website is simple to use and easy to find in search engines. The company also needed a logo to go with their new website and profiles of the crew.


The result is a funky-looking website with an unmistakable theme of computer related services. It describes how the company stands out and their promise to the customers.